Choosing the best wedding videographer for your wedding day

When it comes to picking your wedding videographer, there is much to consider

When it comes to working with wedding videographers in Ireland over the past decade I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best. I’ve experienced first hand the differing approaches and the varying shooting methods each film-maker employs and naturally I’m often asked to recommend a good videographer. As with anything which involves a subjective opinion, this is not a simple question to answer! And my responses will naturally be coloured by the people I enjoy working with.

Only you can decide who is best for you, but I’m going to lay out a few observations I’ve made over the years you might find helpful, and I include a list of great people I have worked with to help get you started in your research.

Should I book a wedding videographer?

So, first things first – if you are still on the fence about this, I would absolutely recommend you go for it. A beautifully shot video can really enhance printed images. It’s going to be the best day of your lives and complimenting your photography with an emotive film to look back on is something you will thank yourself for later.

I always love working a wedding with a videographer as it’s great to have a creative partner on the day. We work in tandem to capture the essence of your wedding day and create the best possible still and moving imagery.

It makes absolute sense to choose a team that work well together, sharing a similar style and goal – a videographer and photographer working in harmony will create pure magic with minimum fuss.

So whether you’ve already booked me to shoot your wedding, or you’ve secured another wedding photographer, I’m hoping you’re going to find this article about irish wedding videographers and filming style helpful!

To get the ball rolling lets’s take a look at some questions I’m frequently asked about…

Wedding videographer prices – what you need to know

I’m often asked ballpark figures on the cost for a wedding videographer, and whether I think it’s worth it. It generally costs between €2,000 and €5,000 depending on the location, the amount of coverage you are looking for (for example morning preparations are not always included as standard), how late you want your videographer to stay and whether you want to add the bells and whistles (extra cameras, drone footage, special edits etc).

Who you choose will of course play a factor in price also. As with Photographers in the business, you will generally find that the more experienced and in demand videographers will charge more.

Do I think the cost for filming your wedding is worth it – yes I do. I’ve yet to meet a couple who regretted having their big day filmed.

The ideal wedding video – figuring out what you like first

This will be the most important part of your research. What kind of wedding video had you envisaged? For example do you want it slow and romantic with lots of footage of the two of you, with voice-overs throughout? Or do you want it fast and fun, paced to music?

How do you want your wedding video to make you feel – ‘all lovey-dovey’ or just to put a smile on your face looking back on your friends and loved ones enjoying the best day ever?

Do you see yourself being at the centre of a movie or would you rather not think about being filmed at all!?

Researching style, reading up on reviews and choosing the videographer that’s right for you will mean it’s time very well spent in the long run.

Assessing videography styles

OK, you’ve both chatted about the kind of films you both like. You’ve been given a list of recommended videographers from your venue, your photographer, your two best friends and your Granny! You’ve spent hours looking at Real Weddings on OneFabDay and you have a (shortish!) shortlist. It’s time to assess each videographer’s unique style.

Here are a few common filming and editing styles to look out for

  • Documentary filming– your videographer will very much keep in the background, capturing the action in front of them. They may step in with suggestions if called on, but will generally defer to your photographer on the couple shoot. Much of this will depend on the experience of the shooter. Often suits camera shy couples who prefer less interaction with the film-maker on the day.
  • Cinematic filming – your videographer may set up a number of shots, or scenes you will have discussed / they might suggest. They may wish to take the lead in some cases from the photographer on your couple shoot. It’s essential the photographer and film-maker are working together in this scenario. Cinematic videographers aim to blend the beauty of cinema with the fast paced, anything-can-happen nature of wedding days. Even within the cinematic style, mood / pace / vibe / story can vary. Critical thought is given to individual shot selections like light, movement and framing.
  • Blended / Modern – a mix of both
  • Editing style – as important as shooting style. Does your film-maker go for slower edits, or faster music-video type productions. Is there an emphasis on voice-over – perhaps from the couple’s vows or a pre-recorded message? Or – on the flip side, do they edit to an edgier pace? Does the videographer primarily focus on the couple or do they even out the films with footage of family and friends? Which is important to you?
  • What kind of music do they go for, and how is it used?
  • Do they edit chronologically or do they mix it up a bit more creatively? Is this important to you?
  • Deliverables i.e. what you get! There is a huge amount of variation when it comes to the finished product. Most videographers will offer a shorter highlight film ready for sharing, and a longer edit. You may need to pay extra for the ceremony, or speeches, or a longer documentary edit.

Gavin Gallagher - wedding videographer

Researching your videographer

Oh no, not more research I hear you say! Narrow down your list as much as you can obviously. Be ruthless. Take your time gathering information on their work and style.

  • A good place to start is to spend some time online on the videographer’s socials to get a feel for the style of visual storytelling you have in mind. Bear in mind you will generally only see short highlight clips on places like instagram, but it will give you a good idea for that film-maker’s work, how they frame their shots, how they use sound and voice-over, how they colour-grade their films and their use of music throughout.
  • Website – you should find more examples of highlight reels on their website and in some cases longer format films.
  • Packages – in terms of coverage, what is included as standard and what can be added on. If you have decided to have your speeches after your meal this may have a bearing on the Package you choose. In terms of delivery, figure out which parts of the day are important to you and whether they are included as standard. For example speeches might be important to you, having the full ceremony etc.
  • Is live coverage something you are considering and does the videographer offer this.
  • Any photographer or videographer worth their salt will make use of the Review service provided by Google, Facebook and others. Do not book before you have had a good look through them! Many suppliers will showcase reviews on their website which is great – dig deeper though by scrolling through some of their live Facebook and Google reviews.
  • Talk to friends and family who have recently been married. Who they recommend and why? When it comes to suppliers – what worked for them? What didn’t work? What would they have done differently (there is no such thing as the perfect wedding!)

Questions to ask your wedding videographer

  • Who will shoot my wedding, will I be booking you?
  • Have you shot in my venue before, have you any showreels from there?
  • Have you worked with my photographer (if booked) and does your filming style compliment theirs?
  • How many shooters will be at the wedding and what kind of gear do they use?
  • If I want to change my Package closer to the time, will this be possible?
  • How are the films delivered, will I be able to share them with friends and family easily?

Videographers I love working with

Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with each of these great videographers. To assist you I’ve tagged them into different genres, but do bear in mind that there can be an overlap stylistically.

With any of the storytellers listed below there will be no doubt as to who is the star of the show, but you’ll also have an amazing support cast. So, here we go – some of the best wedding videographers in Ireland.

Gavin // Dreamcatcher Films

Modern Fusion
Dreamcatcher Films mostly film in a documentary style but will direct and stage some scenes during the couple shoot. If you want crazy-talented, look no further than Gavin and Aaron and their team based in Doolin, Co. Clare. Their work is consistently stunning.

Emma // Edithouse

Creative, documentary
Emma is one of the first people I worked with in the wedding industry and it’s no surprise that she’s one of the most popular videographers in Ireland. Edithouse films are strictly upbeat, high energy with lots of fun and laughter – and this is signified through their 3-4 minute short story.
Their films aim to take in as much of the wedding party as of the happy couple. Emphasis is put on cinematic colour grading while real sound design from the day is used carefully to give it that authentic feel. Take a look at Emma’s Edithouse instagram for behind the scenes stories and venue guides each weekend.

Tom // VowArt Wedding Films

When traditional wedding video isn’t quite the right fit for you! VowArt Films – a wedding film house – a talented team of cinematographers and editors with a unique artistic eye for filming. VowArt cinematographers are one of the most creative videographers! Of course, the music plays a significant role in their edits too. Tom, the co-founder, produced a masterpiece for my fiance Vaiva’s own Wedding MakeUp & Beauty business. Recommended by the best photographers in the wedding industry, Tom is a true master of his craft.

Ronan // Amare Stories

Using a narrative style along with a journalistic approach, Ronan of Amare Stories has an appreciation for the little things that happen throughout your wedding day.

When you see Ronan at work, it is clear he doesn’t pose couples or have them repeat something multiple times, which can often end up looking forced. He chooses to offer simple direction cues to couples during the shoot. This creates real authenticity in his work.

He then uses juxtaposition when carefully piecing this story together in the edit to evoke the emotion that will transport you back to your unforgettable and exclusive celebration.

Kevin // Little Bear Films

Kevin of Little Bear Films describes himself as having a unique talent for telling people’s stories. I’m inclined to agree. On the day he let’s the action unfold naturally, later adding his own creative touch in the edit – his work is nothing short of spectacular.

Eoin and Sue // Hitched Films

Oodles of creative talent, a passion for storytelling and over 15 years of filming experience between them, our friends, the award winning duo Eoin & Sue of Hitched Films create magical wedding films for each and every couple they work with. Focusing on emotion, beauty, people and the journey to your big day – you may just be left with a lump in your throat after watching one of their exceptional wedding films.

Keith // Keith Malone Wedding Films

Creative Documentary
Keith Malone offers couples a unique artistic blend of a creative and a documentary style wedding film. When I see Keith arriving on the morning of a wedding, I know it’s going to be a fun and co-ordinated team effort to capture the true essence and heart of the wedding, the guests and the couple themselves.

Keith recognises that many of his clients enjoy a modern cinematic approach and yet, at the same time, have a preference for receiving complete and full coverage of the wedding day. Achieving this balance is a nuanced skill that takes many years to perfect.

Martin // Martin Healy Films

Creative Documentary
Martin is all about capturing the fun, love and laughter of the day in a way that doesn’t intrude. His edits range from Fun and Upbeat to Timeless Romance. It all dependsSuch a great guy, you won’t even know he’s there.

Nick O'Keeffe wedding Photography logo mark

Hand on heart, each of the wedding videographers I have listed will add to the fun and easy going atmosphere that every couple wishes for on their wedding day. Not only is their work beautiful, but they will put you and your guests at complete ease. Choose your preferred style and I promise you they will deliver.